Where to even BEGIN with this blog post!

Last May Nick and I went back to Oahu where we were able to meet up with Max + Penny for one of the most perfect evenings! I met Max + Penny through a past bride of mine, shout out to Ryan, and we hit it off immediately!

Since we were at our most favorite place on earth, with an insanely beautiful couple, I had to think of places that would fulfill all my island couples session fantasies!

After exploring the North Shore for a few days, we made our way back down to the Honolulu area where we started the session in the jungle! Judd Trail is off of Nuuanu Pali Drive (which is one of the prettiest streets ever). This trail is a well known trail to the public and offers everything from waterfalls and rocks, to bamboo and banyan trees! They even filmed some scenes from the TV show Lost on it! If you know Nick and I at all then you know that Lost is a huge part of our lives.

After an hour of walking around the jungle, we headed East to Makapu‘U Beach. When thinking of Hawaii, any Hawaiian island hostly, you think of blue shores and green mountains. Makapu‘U Beach deliver’s this view in every way!

We started out at the lookout before heading down to the beach which had a view of the lighthouse. Although we were on the East side of the island and the sunset was behind the mountains, the evening was still so magical and I couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Max + Penny, thank you for hanging out with us and trusting us with everything we asked you to do… like sitting on Max’s shoulders!

Scroll to the end to watch our behind the scenes vlog!

Max + Penny

Oahu, Hawaii