About Merrisa + Nick

Merrisa: Owner/Lead Photographer

Nick: Co-Owner/Lead Videographer

I'm Merrisa and that guy who is always with me is my high school sweet heart, my business partner, my travel buddy, my person for more than half my life, my husband - Nick. We are elopement and wedding photographers and videographers based out of the Cape in Massachusetts!

Traveling is our shared passion. Every chance we get to explore somewhere new, we jump at it! Some of the places we've gotten to travel to we've documented weddings at as well! We've photographed elopement's and weddings in Italy, Ireland, SoCal, Texas, Maine, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Las Vegas! We've also gotten to do engagement sessions in Hawaii, London, and Ireland. So, uh, if you wanna get married at Disney, or in Italy, or even in Washington, we'd love to go with you!

Did I mention that we film our travels?

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Photo By: The Gowans

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Photo By: Merrisa Caroline Photography



"It all started when I was 6…

What I can recollect from an early age is that I was obsessed with holding onto memories. When my parents got divorced in 1999, my father told me that there was a high possibility that we would lose the house. The house I grew up in, the only home I knew. In order to cope, I picked up a pencil and a notebook, and started sketching every room in the house with the tools that I had. I needed to preserve the memory of our wood burning stove in our sunlit family room. My bedroom at the front of the house with the bean bag and purple lava lamp. And of course, our old wooden swing set in the backyard between the two maple trees. Fast forward to 2010 when I traded in the pencil and notepad and replaced them with my very first Nikon. I went off to Art School in Boston to obtain my Bachelor of Science Degree in Photography and never looked back. Apartment #5 and the Elderly Series were produced during my time there, but after dipping my toes in all different subjects, I found I was most interested in Lifestyle work. My husband Brandon and my rescue pup Madison are my greatest muses and the subjects of my personal storytelling. In the summer you’ll find us camping at every opportunity, and in the winter, searching for off-grid Airbnbs."



Photo By: Merrisa Caroline Photography



"I live on beautiful Cape Cod with my husband, Renan and our three kids! You can either find us out in the yard with our goats and chickens, at the beach all day (when it finally gets warm here in New England) or on our sail boat! I grew up in a suburb right outside of Boston and used to visit the ocean in the summer, but now I can't picture myself anywhere else!

I started taking a lot of photos with my phone when my first daughter was born. I think I probably took a million photos to the point where my phones would stop working haha! When my second daughter was born I purchased my first DSLR camera and I absolutely loved it! I haven't put it down since. I finally decided to take the plunge and start doing photography! I practiced on my friends and family constantly! Fast forward five years later and I am doing the thing!

I love meeting couples and hearing their story about how they fell in love. Chasing littles through the sand and waves on a summer night. Hearing about your lives and getting to know you! Capturing your true selves in the most authentic way I can! I love spending time with each and every one of you. Let's go chase some pretty light and make magic!"



Photo By: Mark Davidson Photography



"I grew up in a little suburb about half an hour north of Detroit, spent my summers on my grandfather’s farm in Charlevoix, then took the big city leap coming to Boston for college and moved to the South Shore with the guy who is now my husband, Adam. We still live the South Shore with our girls: my furry soulmate Violet the pug, Fred our sweet big dumb irish wolfhound, and another pug puppy on the way! 

While editing is my passion, I also pick up shifts at the local emergency veterinary hospital. Animals have always been a huge portion of my life. I’ve been working with animals one way or another since high school. I initially thought animal photography was what I wanted to pursue, but I really figured it out after college. 

With a Bachelors of Science in Photography under my belt, I was offered a seasonal position with a privately owned school photography studio as an editor. I knew right then that editing was what I wanted to do. Fortunately while working on my degree, I was able to meet some of my favorite people in the world, Merrisa being one of them. This past year she mentioned in passing that she was thinking about hiring an editor, and I couldn’t jump on it fast enough… and here I am!

Beyond work, the husband and our creatures, the pieces to my weird puzzle are: playing video or board games with friends, reading a good book, watching anime or a Formula One race on Sundays, and traveling the world!"

Photo By: Merrisa Caroline Photography



"I’m not loud, my voice remains steady and calm in hopes to be a constant flow of tranquility throughout your day. I’ll carry bags, fix your eyelashes, touch up your lipstick, hold your veil, dry off your bridesmaids flowers, bustle your dress and anything else I can to make sure your day runs impeccably smooth. 

But I’m not quiet either. I’ll be on that dance floor dancing and singing right alongside you while I snap away. I’ll chat with your grandma as she reminisces you as a little one. I’m immersed in your day in a way that is not intrusive but allows me to get a full range of images that feel incredibly authentic, as if experienced through the eyes of one of your guests. I enjoy the day just as much as you, because truly, I enjoy what I do. 

Everything I do, I do with my kids in mind, because they are my legacy, and I have the honor of capturing yours. I think to myself, "if this were their wedding day, this once in a lifetime moment, how would I hope it to be captured?"... Then, I get to work."