Let’s take five-seconds to talk about the benefit of flying your photographer and/or videographer to wherever you want your engagement photos done or wherever you want to get married!

I know that it can be an added expense but it’s an expense that’s worth it in my opinion. I’m not just saying that because I want to travel, Nick and I flew our own wedding photographer out from Minnesota, I’m saying that because when choosing us, or any photographer, we hope that you’re not only choosing us for our work, but because we’ve made some kind of connection! And when there’s that connection, the experience is all that better! It’s everything!

We met Dan + Brittany back in 2020 when they reached to us about photographing their wedding day on the Cape. When talking about engagement sessions they asked if it would be okay if we came to San Francisco (where they live) to do their photos there! I loved this idea so much because photographing at places that mean something to you is something I ALWAYS suggest doing. It makes telling your story all that better!

When we arrived to San Francisco I knew this was going to be great trip and session. The atmosphere and overall area was so different from what we normally do over here on the east coast which made my creative juices flow!

We ended up spending about three hours with Dan + Brittany visiting 4 different areas (all tourist areas):

1. Lovers Lane

2. Palace of Fine Arts

3. Chrissy Field

4. Mile Rock Beach

Scroll to the end to watch the travel and behind the scenes video!

Dan + Brittany

San Francisco, CA