It has been a hot MINUTE since I last made a blog post on here. Eleven months to be exact… I can list all of the excuses like the season got busy, I had/wanted to make blogs for our travel website, yada yada. I’ll spare it! What I will say is that I have a list of forty-one blogs to make. FORTY-ONE! I have a busy off season a head of me I suppose, so I hope y’all love what I will be posting.

And I know what you’re thinking, what the hell have you been doing since November?! Well, for one, I was editing weddings until Early January, then updating our website for both MCP and IJWTT, all while being completely burnt out. For the last few weeks I’ve been doing the bare minimum. I’m talking, answering emails. That’s it.

But with a trip on the horizon, my spirits are starting to lift, and I finally have a little more energy to do more than just emails.