It's no secret that 2020 has de-railed every plan ever. She's basically slapped us all in the face and made us slow down, and as much as that sucks, I'm kind of really loving the slower, smaller more intimate weddings. Many of our 2020 couples have had to postpone or change their plans like Zack and Angela. Some are just pushing it back a year, others are holding a"minimony" and their reception next year, and some are going ahead with "micro-weddings" which just means cutting down the guest list and celebrating in your back yard. However you've had to navigate your wedding plans this year just remember, you're GOING to marry your person and it will be magical!

Zack and Angela held a minimony at Scituate Lighthouse on their original wedding date and plan to have their bigger wedding next year. So we all geared up, Angela in a dress, Zack in his suspenders, and I with my cameras and braved the rocks at Scituate lighthouse in the late morning sun to document them getting married. It was GLORIOUS and sometimes I have to tell myself this was not a photoshoot for a magazine!