Taking your own photos

This year is a weird one, that's for sure. Like many, our plans have been thrown out the window and we've all been slapped with a painful reality that our world is different now. Nick and I's anniversary is on April 27th. This year we celebrated 14 years together! Usually we're off in a different state or country celebrating. Obviously this year we couldn't do that so we drove out on the beach with our camera and took our own anniversary photos. And to be honest, this was our first successful try!

What I learned about taking your own photos is that it was actually very easy and I'm not sure WHY I ever thought it was going to be hard. I've dabbled with remotes that never worked and I've never been able to successfully take a self portrait either. But when you have someone to stand there so you can get focus, you'll nail it every time!

  1. Don't move forward or back in the frame, only from side to side. I know some cameras have that sweet, sweet autofocus. My camera just does not, so we stayed in the same general area for our photos so the focus was on point every time!
  2. To take the actual photo, we set the timer for 10 seconds so either nick or I can run into frame!
  3. We also set the camera to take 10 photos allowing us to move around naturally to get those "candid" moments.

Anddddd that's it! Super easy. I absolutely love how they came out and I hope this inspires you to go out and try to take your own photos as well :)