June 29, 2019 was the hottest day of year. Pretty sure the temperature was around 98°F with 100% humidity. We all melted, all day, but we Erick and Jenna did the thing and got married, and made it look like it wasn't miserable, lol.

What I loved the most about their wedding day was that it was held at their family home and farm. Everything was DIY, a labor of love, and it clearly screamed it. Erick got ready at his parents house and Jenna at the farm. We did their first look on the back yard steps and the pictures on the first roads and barn of the property. They popped a tent in one of the paddocks and the dance floor was under the stars.

You guys might not know this about me but I grew up in the south and started riding horses at a young age. When we moved back to Massachusetts I unfortunately had to stop but my sister picked it up when we inherited our cousins house after she died. Farms and horses, the country, had a HUGE spot in my heart. I love everything about it so this wedding was a breath of fresh air. I felt a little back at home. Plus look how amazing this backyard wedding turned out!