The days leading up to this moment felt like years, when in fact it was less than two weeks! David reached out wanting to propose to his girlfriend on December 8th. Ideas were thrown around and he finally decided on doing it at the Frog Pond in Boston on December 21st.

I showed up to the park a little early to scope out where I needed to stand, get the lighting right, ect. When David and Cecily arrived, I spotted them immediately and stood somewhere where I wasn't hidden, but not noticeable to them. They made an announcement to clear the ice. David stalled getting off by tying his skate. Next thing you know, the entire pond was clear and it was just them! David took Cecily's hand and they made their way to the middle of the pond where he got down on one knee and asked Cecily to marry him. She obviously said YES then they made their way off the ice. I met them at their reserved table where they had hot cocoa waiting for them before we ventured off into the commons for some photos.

The best thing about this day, other than the fact that they got engaged and there was just so much excitement and love, is that I felt I made two new friends! We had a blast walking around the city, gleeing over what just happened, that the hour went by in a blink! I am so excited that we get to chance to continue their story in October, 2021 with their wedding day at Briar Barn Inn.

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