Your wedding may not be what you hoped it would be but the silver lining in all of this (in my opinion) are these small, intimate moments that happen more often during your newly planned wedding day and I am here for it! I am loving the smaller wedding days so much!

In 2018 we took a photo of Brett and Zoe enjoying a friends wedding during their cocktail hour. Fast forward to a few months ago, Zoe reached out to see if I was available to photograph their small wedding this past June. If she were to ask me one day earlier, I wouldn't have been free. It just so happened that the wedding I was supposed to shoot that day postponed and I was now available! All of this seemed like fate to me which made it all that more special.

I showed up about an hour before Zoe walked down the isle allowing me to do getting ready photos, which is my favorite part and something I haven't done since December of last year. After that, everyone made their way out to the front lawn over looking the water and Brett and Zoe got married! After they said, "I do," everyone followed me to the back yard of the venue where we took family photos! Before ending the evening I got to spend some time walking around the property taking photos of these two and I mean, come onnnnn. How perfect are they!!

I know 2020 is not going as planned for everyone. You just have to take it day by day!