As a photographer I often photograph couples at the same places. I have a note on my phone of at least 50 different locations that I’ve either been to, or want to go to in the New England area consisting of beaches, fields, trials, and urban type areas. Often my couples ask where should we go?! Don’t worry I got you!

I don’t typically share locations on an online platform but Cold Storage Beach is already a known area and I often share it with a handful of other photographers during the evenings in the summer. There’s plenty of room! I’ve honestly never gotten sick of it either. It offers so much diversity from docks, to dunes, to jetty’s, and a beautiful giant beach. The sunsets are often the most beautiful I’ve ever seen too! You’ll want to scroll to the end to really see what I mean!

I was typing up Chris and Steph’s wedding day timeline for their June wedding today so I thought I would blog their engagement session at Cold Storage Beach!

I went to high school with both Chris and Steph so when they asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was so dang excited! Watching the different chapters in each my friends lives is something that truly makes me happy. Being able to capture those moments makes me even happier!